I guess I did!!!

Very cool!

A lot has happened since my last entry! I’ve realized a lot about myself, I’ve come to an awareness of what constitutes decent blog content – hopefully, I’ll not become a cure for insomnia – and, I’ll not include in the brain fart any thing that belongs in my journal. The journal is a tool I use as a medium of self-analysis and it also allows me to get pissed off and put pen to paper thereby working out angst both mentally and physically!

I made some really stupid moves this year, Hurt some feelings and had a lot of good ideas, too – BUT! you’re not going to read about any of those subjects in this here blog! This will not be a place where I will chronicle mistakes and miscues and beat myself up about it. I’ve done enough of that!

I plan on being observational regarding things that I like. However, Religion, Politics, and other provocative sources of argumentative possibilities will NOT be broached herein!!

So there!!!

I’ll call ’em as I see ’em, but ONLY about things that interest ME!!!! I’ll finally have a venue that will allow me to be selfish – get that awful trait out of my system – and then show a better me to the world beyond my purview……

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, I hope EVERYONE is able to share the day with some about whom they care!

Have a great day!